Secrets The Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

The airline industry has evolved into a well-oiled machine capable of handling more than 100,000 flights per day around the world. It is not surprising that we are unaware of everything happening behind the scenes. Here are our top airline secrets every flier should know.

Say “No” To Vouchers

Airlines will offer passengers a travel voucher if a flight is overbooked. Do not accept the first voucher offered to you. Airlines will increase the offer until there are enough volunteers willing to give up their seats. If there are not enough volunteers, airlines will involuntarily select passengers to leave the plane. If this happens to you, insist on cash compensation instead of a travel or meal voucher. The Department of Transportation states that a passenger is entitled to as much as $1,300 in cash depending on the ticket price and how long you are delayed.

Delayed Luggage Compensation

If your bag is delayed, not lost, airlines will offer you $25 – $50 per day until the bag is returned. The Department of Transportation states that this is not reasonable compensation for the potential disruption to a wedding, ski trip, or business trip a delayed bag might have. Airlines may compensate you up to $3,500 for necessary items purchased for a domestic US trip. Be sure to keep all receipts before your bags are returned to ensure appropriate compensation.

Cheapest Days To Fly

Airlines carry fewer business passengers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. These days often leave the airlines with a surplus of seats so they are listed at a lower fare. If your plans are flexible, make sure to select a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday as your arrival and/or departure dates. Be aware that the date you purchase your ticket is irrelevant.


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